Monday, April 14, 2008

Looking for Yellow - Project Yellow #6

Anna has got everyone looking for yellow! We ventured off to Descanso Gardens to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary this past Saturday. In my quest for finding everything yellow (among other colors because who knows what the next theme will be???) I found someone else that was apparently on the same search with her camera. And how fitting was it that she dressed in yellow for the occasion? So I pose a question to all my fellow PY participants out there...Is this you?

And unbeknownst to me, with Lily patiently waiting by, I was caught doing the same thing. Good thing I wasn't in a yellow dress. That would have been embarrassing.

Visit Anna's blog to join Project Yellow (PY). New theme appearing next Sunday.

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Amy said...

Lol! What a great capture, that is funny! And nope, it isn't me. ;)

Lacey Lichi said...

Not me either, it was pretty chilly here yesterday! Great shots. I've really enjoyed looking through your, and your wife's blogs. The journey of parenthood is amazing, isn't it!
I also really like the old photos of family. My husband's family is from Sicily and we have some very similar photos. Keep posting!

Karen said...

Haha! Great a yellow shot!!

That's not me. It will be interesting to see if you find the mystery woman.

Happy Anniversary!!!

Mishelle Lane (Photography) said...

My son tries to capture me like that with his spy cam. LOL

Great shot for #6!!

fishing guy said...

Robert: Very nice post and photos. I need to come back and check out the family post above. Thanks for the visit and comments.

Green Eyed Girl said...

HAHA! That is too funny!

Karly said...

That WOULD have been funny if you were in a yello dress! :)

I love the first one, but the second one of Lily is my favorite! :)

jientje said...

Nope, not me either! But I'm looking for yellow everywhere I go! Isn't it fun, getting to meet new people, and looking at different takes of the same subject, I really really love this! Looking forward to the next assignment too!

CG said...

Great yellow! i loved your blog. What wonderful old photos!

Toni said...

How funny! Nope, not me- but anxious to see if anyone responds with a YES! Your little one is darling btw!!I've really enjoyed your shots during the whole PY adventure.