Thursday, April 10, 2008

Project Yellow #2

Through Wordless Wednesday participants I found Anna's blog. She has posted a creative challenge that seems to have really taken off. This week the theme is yellow. I offered my rose picture from my last WW post as my first entry. Although I'm searching my archives for other offerings, I'm looking forward to future themes to challenge myself. So far I found about more images to post for this theme. I'm soooo tempted to post them all at once as I do for WW, but I'll resist the urge. So unlike me. If you've ventured into my photo galleries (see side bar) most of these won't be new...except for the new borders and some minor edits. I hope you all enjoy this series. And the ones to come.

My PY posts:
PY #1 Yellow rose
PY #2 Bananas
PY #3 Chinese street vendor; fish; Spongebob; flower
PY #4 Around the house
PY#5 Yellow Journalism
PY#6 Looking for Yellow
PY#7 Finding the Cutest Display of Yellow


Carletta said...

Robert: Thanks for coming by and leaving such a nice comment!

Bunches of Bananas - perfect!
Nice shot!

Anna said...

I LOVE THIS SHOT! Who doesnt love bananas? Ansd it reminds me of my childhood nickname...Anna Banana! ;)

Glad you are participating!

Cris said...

That is so nice, love bananas!

Green Eyed Girl said...

Good Picture, love the colour! I am going to head over to Anna's blog and check it out.

christy said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog -- I *love* this shot! I kept thinking about doing something with bananas, and I'm always drawn to pictures with 'multiplicity.' Markets are some of my favorite places to take pictures.

Karly said...
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Karly said...

Yellow! Love the picture! :)

Sorry my first comment got deleted!

Robin (the PENSIEVE one) said...

In an instant, Curious George popped in my head. And I'm craving a banana smoothie. Fun capture of an everyday item.

Why are pictures of fruit so engaging (or is that just me?)?

Moi said...

that's a lovely yellow..banana yellow :DDD

Lilli & Nevada said...

What a bunch of yellow pretty yummy bananas

Kerri said...

Great shot! I am LOVING Project Yellow!!

photowannabe said...

Terrific shot of bananas. I so love this project yellow. Lots of fun and challenge.