Monday, April 14, 2008

La Mia Famiglia - Part 4

Revisiting family history these past few weeks has really had an impact on me. This post is most significant to me because it focuses on those I know and love best.

From the album my aunt gave to my sister and me, I learned that my grandmother immigrated to the United States from Italy when she was only 6 months old. She "arrived in America in May, 1907; they disembarked on Ellis Island-the arrival point for all immigrants. There the family was registered as immigrants, got health checks, and made New York City their new home."...She "proudly became a U.S. citizen in California in 1937." I never knew of my family's Ellis Island connection. How exciting!

My grandmother met my grandfather while vacationing in Springfield, Massachusetts.

I love this photograph. These are my grandparents back on their wedding day in 1928.

The photograph below is one of the earliest of my father. From left to right: my aunt, cousin Gloria, cousin Gilbert, my dad up front, and cousin Art Jr.

Below: my grandpa, grandma, dad, and aunt in 1935.

Below is my dad in 1936. This is one of my absolute favorites of him. I can't believe that's my dad!

Here is my another of my aunt, grandma, grandpa, and dad, this time in 1938. Look at that car!

This is my aunt back in 1944 when she was 15. Don't do the math!

Here are my grandfather and my dad doing some yard work in the early 1940's.

What a great shot of my dad in 1958. I wish I knew the occasion of this studio portrait.

Look at these kids! Mom and dad on their wedding day in 1961.

Grandpa and my sister, Ellen in 1963.

Me and my grandma in 1967.
The picture got some water damage so there are some off colors here but I wanted to show it anyhow.

My grandma died in 1970 at only 67 years of age. My grandpa never really got over her loss. My aunt tells me she wishes I got to know him better prior to this because of how much he changed.

After my parents divorce my father went and lived with my grandpa in the family home in West L.A. After high school I took a job in Century City. During the work week, I lived with my father and grandfather and on weekends went back home to my mom's house. I won't say it was a joyous time, especially because of my father's deteriorating health and my grandfather suffering from emphysema, but there was something special about the three generations of men living together.

With most of the people within the pages having died, this album is such a wonderful treasure. I am so grateful to my aunt for having done this for us.


Mishelle/Secret Agent Mama said...

Oh, that's such a wonderful thing your Aunt did. The pictures are amazing!

Green Eyed Girl said...

Those are some awesome pictures!!

Karly said...

I am loving these posts. There is nothing like old family photos.

My favorites are the wedding photos. And, I am so glad you were able to travel down memory lane this way. :)

christy said...

Those are some really fantastic pictures! As someone who has dabbled in family photo history, it's hard to come across so many good quality images! I love hearing about the stories behind old pictures, too! Thanks for sharing!

And good Project Yellow post as well! Anna started quite the trend!

Val said...

Wow, that is great that you have these old photos now. How Lily will laugh looking at her family in years to come!

Jenni said...

Thank you for visiting ThirteenEleven and leaving a kind comment. The photograph of your father as a child in the toy car is so wonderful.
The yellow tree and yellow dress is nice as well.

Carletta said...

I've missed your past couple of posts - so let me catch up.

This post is wonderful. I've traced my family's roots back to the 1700's and wish I had as many photos as you - they are a treasure!

The yellow post below is wonderful and Lily is a cutie!!

jientje said...

What a great history you and your family have! I love the old pictures, your dad was very cute as a kid, and very very photogenic!

Liquid said...

This was amazing and oh, how special!

blue in the stream said...

These photos are wonderful! I so love the family history that can be discovered in a handful of great ones!

Pillow said...

Wow, beautiful family photos! You're really blessed you have an Aunt like that. Looking at family photos makes me really happy! Thanks for sharing your wonderful family with us. :)