Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Finding the Cutest Display of Yellow - Project Yellow #7

I needed to find something to put up for my next PY entry. So I brought my little point and shoot camera with me to work, just in case I saw something. I had several ideas I was toying around with. I'm not the most artsy of types when it comes to creating a shot but was I making an attempt. At least in my head. But today I also had a big presentation to do at 1:30. So I did not have much chance to wander the campus and visit classrooms as I would have liked. So I came home with an empty memory card, still wondering what I'd do.

Until I opened the door.

I *do* love coming home.

Thanks Lily, for the inspiration. As much as I talk to your mommy about this Project Yellow stuff, I think maybe a thank you to her is due as well for dressing you as she did. :)

Visit Anna's blog to join Project Yellow (PY). New theme appearing next Sunday.

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Anna said...

She is adorable! And what a perfect subject for PY! ;) And there is no way you could post just one of her!

Green Eyed Girl said...

She is the cutest thing ever!!!

Karly said...

Look no further, there's some yellow! :)

Lily is the sweetest girl ever (aside from mine.) :) And, we love Sandra Boynton books here, too. :)

Val said...

Isn't it great when the inspiration you need is standing right next to you.
Sometimes we go out of our way to hunt for things when they were right in front of our eyes the entire time!

And it makes it especially nice when they are just so darn cute!