Saturday, September 29, 2007

Another New Toy

Yesterday it was adding the playlist function, today it's a new toy for my photographs. In case you don't know, I LOVE photography. At home I've printed, mounted, and framed some of my work. But I've never had anything to use to better present images on my computer or on the web...until now.

Today in the mail I received Essentials for Adobe Photoshop Elements. I was mostly interested in the Frame It! feature although the software does have three other tools. The Frame It! tool is a condensed version of Photo Frame 3.1. A bit too condensed if you ask me but I couldn't justify spending the extra $100 or so to get it. The software has a variety of frames and borders. Disapointingly, it only offers one matte. Anyhow, enough of my reveiw. Here are a few things I threw together to try it out. I began by framing my title picture on my blog's header. (If you're using a blog reader, click over to check it out.) Lily was a mostly cooperative subject today for the pictures below. Hope you enjoy them.
A quick glance while playing with her toys in the living room
Absolutely exhausted, Lily couldn't keep her eyes open during lunch
Enjoying her Kissy Bear

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