Friday, September 28, 2007

New Blog Addition

It's hard to miss unless your speakers are off or if you read this through a blog reader. I added the playlist feature I saw on other blogs. I picked some songs that have stood out to me lately or over the years. I'm sure I'll change up the songs but here's why I chose the songs I selected:
  • Bethany Dillon - The Kingdom I just love her voice. As I tend to listen to the sound of the music/voice before letting lyrics sink in, I have yet to absorb the message. I can't believe she's 18! We're going to see her open for Steven Curtis Chapman next month. Can't wait!
  • MercyMe - Bring the Rain This song impacted me deeply back in May when I was confronted with some health issues. Powerful song.
  • Steven Curtis Chapman - When Love Takes You In I still cry when I listen to this. He wrote this after they adopted their first of three children from China. This song and his story is how God impacted Julianne and me and why we have Lily today.
  • Steven Curtis Chapman - All Things New I love the sound and the message. God does make all things new!
  • Casting Crowns - Voice of Truth I've just recently been getting into them. I didn't know which song to choose of theirs. This is one of many I could have picked.
  • Chris Tomlin - Holy is the Lord This is someone else I've only recently been listening to more. Julianne sang this song in church a few weeks back. Realizing we didn't have the CD, I ran out and got it. He has incredible praise and worship music.
  • Steven Curtis Chapman(yes, again) - I Will Be Here This is our song. It was sung to us by my father-in-law on our wedding day. Julianne had a book made for me using my photographs from Descanso Gardens with the lyrics of this song printed throughout. Probably the most special gift I've ever received.
Very few of you actually post comments but I have to ask what you think. Do you like the auto start feature? Did is scare the heck out of you and wake your dog? Would you rather push the start button yourself? And of course if you stay and listen for a while, let me know what you think of the songs. Those of you that have known me from way back are probably scanning up and down the list questioning, "Where's the Led Zeppelin?!" :)


Grafted Branch @ Restoring the Years said...

Either way. I can find the "pause" button as easily as I can find the "play."

Fun feature, isn't it?

Mel said...

hey this is great!! Music is always a bonus :D Although I was looking around at first going "Where is that music coming from???" Hahaha...I will know what to expect next time I log on ;D

Bethany Dillon is one of my favourite singers, as is the group I guess I'm a bit biased in favour of your play list so far!!

Mel said...

wow...I just listened to Chris Tomlin's song 'Holy is the Lord'...what an amazing song! Loved it.

Anonymous said...

I like it on auto cause what you picked always seem to go so well with the blog. Oh, and also cause I am who I am :) and did NOT even notice that there was that feature giving me an option. HA! Know I know...(I can't believe that I posted this, leaving myself open to public humilation...)

Your sis