Thursday, October 4, 2007

I'm Coming Baby Girl

At 1:44 yesterday morning I was suddenly awakened. Nothing alarming. No intruders. Just nature. Unfortunately this is usually nothing out of the ordinary. Until this morning. Typically each night when this occurs (and sometimes twice), I prefer to use the bathroom down the hall instead of the one in our bedroom so I don't wake my wife. But this time I felt tired so I was going to use the closer of the two facilities. On my way around the bed I noticed Lily sitting up against her sleeping mommy, reaching out for me to pick her up. I really needed to get in the bathroom, but how could I resist those arms reaching out to me in the dark? And the fact that this didn't strike me as odd should have triggered something in me. This just isn't right. What is she doing up? Why is she sitting in our bed in the middle of the night? She's right at the edge. Why wasn't I scared she'd fall from atop of our highly elevated bed? Ignorant to any rhyme or reason, I continued around to Julianne's side of the bed and proceeded to attempt to put my hands under Lily's arms and lift her up. For some reason I couldn't get my hands in position and I kept getting tangled in the duvet cover. I continued struggling until I heard,


I'm trying to pick up Lily.


Then it was like a veil was removed. With Lily nowhere to be found and my hands engulfed in comforter, I replied, "I thought I was trying to pick up Lily."

"OK, you're kinda freakin me out here."

Dazed and trying to make sense of what had just happened, I stood there for a moment. Is this what sleepwalking is? Reality mixed with fiction? Very Twilight Zonish if you ask me. But I don't think this is worthy of them to produce a new episode to broadcast. But it makes for a good blog post!


Nina said...

Good morning! I read this post yesterday, and thought it was so sweet. Our children become such a part of our whole being . . . . and I have discovered that it makes no difference whether our children are brought to our lives and families through adoption or biology. It is so true, that a parents' love knows no distinction. Our babies are our babies, and I always remind my girls that God has wonderful ways to create families, and adoption is just one way. We have also discovered (through much pain and heartache, but then comes the blessing!) that God brings people into our lives who become family, even in the absence of any biological connection. I can't wait to post on my blog about our newest family member, Aunt Polly, who lives just across the street from us, and is completely alone in the world in terms of biological relatives, but has become truly a part of our family. Anyway, thanks for posting on my blog and for noticing that I had been absent for a while. I'm praying that God gives me the continued health and energy to keep up with our little angels. Have a wonderful and blessed weekend, Nina

Mel said...

hehehehe...sure did make for a good blog post!! Very good story telling!!

My children take great delight in reminding me of times when I have walked them back to bed with my eyes still closed (?)...and then not remembered a thing about it in the morning! And about the times they woke me after a bad dream and asked me to pray for them...apparently my attempts at prayer in the early morning hours were quite amusing too :D Sleep deprivation can do strange things to mind and body :)

However now that our youngest is 4 years old I am usually able to get an uninterrupted nights sleep nowdays....bliss :D

Grafted Branch @ Restoring the Years said...

And...the parental dementia begins to settle in! ;)

Fun story. Caught me totally off guard.