Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Passion (at least one of them)

Kihei, Maui, August 2005
Everyone that knows me knows my passion for photography. Sorry all you purists, I’m strictly digital now. I’m guessing the basis for my passion may partially lie in that fact that I’m male (is this too stereotypical?) and have been designed as a visual creature. (No offense intended toward female photographers.) Attempting to place into words what photography means to me and does for me is an intricate undertaking. Perhaps I’ll let my photographs speak for themselves and let the viewer interpret them.
Vacation photos, such as the one above, elicit emotions from past experiences. I've been challenged to avoid the “postcard” pictures and go for the less taken path. But one has to admit, postcard pictures are popular because they’re good. The picture above is no exception. It’s a good shot but we've all seen it a million times. But I still love it. There’s the sense of pride that comes from capturing a moment (I can’t believe I almost said, “…on film”), even if a myriad of people have done the same prior to you.

I’m often asked what my favorite type of photography is. In the past my usual reply was “landscape photography.” Although I don’t exclude human contribution in my work, I truly enjoy photographing God’s creation. Consequently, I prefer to say I favor “creation photography.”

I have been venturing out a bit and have begun to be more comfortable shooting people. I still prefer the candid shot from a distance to the formal posed shot. I've been experiencing wonderful results with both though.

I am eagerly awaiting our trip next week to China to adopt our beautiful baby girl. Not only will I be gaining a daughter, but unbeknownst to her, I’ll be gaining a new photo subject! Oh how I hope she likes being in front of the camera. Be on the lookout for more photos to come.


Lami said...

Hi Robert
Your photo is beautiful.
I really like your Blog aswell :-D
Here is an online Christian Community I thought you might like-;www

Mel said...

Hi Robert
I really enjoyed reading through your blog...and reading about your journey to adopt Lily Grace (left a comment on the post about her). I really hope you and Julianne have a safe trip to China next week; enjoy the sights...and enjoy meeting your little one. She is beautiful.
God Bless!!

Dillo said...

Now when you say you like shooting people.....would those be drive-bys or what? Couldn't resist....

I'm likin the writin. Keep it up! And, of course, the photos add bunches!