Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shooting the Moon

Yesterday, I got home from work, changed into shorts and a t-shirt, and settled into the thought of being home for the night. That was until I read this. I already have pictures of the moon. So I thought, "Where can I go to catch some good shots of the moon on it's way up?" So after dinner, I changed again, kissed my wife and daughter, and hit the road. I had a few ideas of where to go, but finally ended up in the same parking lot I visited several weeks ago when I shot pictures of the lighted cross I used for my alphabet photos. Here are three of the 71 I shot last night.

I always start with the setting my camera suggests and then make adjustments from there. The above picture was the first one of the evening. I almost threw it out because it didn't look like the moon but rather, more like the sun. But then I actually looked at the image. And I thought it came out pretty cool.

Pretty much the same shot as the first but with the camera adjusted to catch the moon better. Still not much detail in the moon, but I loved the blue of the sky.

After changing lenses, I finally got a bit more detail out of the moon but lost nearly all of my foreground. I'm thinking it's going to take a bit of editing to get the two just right. I'll have to blend one shot set to expose the foreground, blended with another shot, like the one above, set to expose the moon. It was still fun to get out and shoot though.


Val said...

I have to show these shots to J Girl!
She LOVES the moon. We have a telescope and she really enjoys looking at the different craters.

I really like the first one though. I have no idea why, maybe because of the pinkish-purple hue!

Dillo said...

I can't keep up with all of your posts! Which is great, though! Nice shots---the contrast in the first one is really good, actually. Shooting the moon is hard, though, I agree. Too much exposure and its a daytime shot. Too little and you lose everything! This inspires me to go out and shoot the next time the moon is full---it usually looks great out here in nowhereland!

Which of Erin's prints did you choose to get?

Carletta said...

Oh, I am so envious!!

I had read a story on Wednesday about the moon and was so excited thinking it would be a great photo op.
Well, it was so cloudy here last night you couldn't see anything.I too drove around looking for it:(
I think yours turned out great. That first one of the moon low on the horizon was exactly what I was hoping to see so it's my favorite.
I'll take my envious self and go now; well, after I look at the photos again. :)

Erin Faye said...

These are really good! I haven't had a chance to experiment with night photography, hopefully soon!

quilly said...

In that first photo, if it weren't for the foreground, I would think you were shooting the moon off of my lanai last night. I didn't bother getting out my camera and taking shots. IT isn't strong enough, I've tried.

Raven said...

Nice series. The first is actually my favorite - I like the soft colors and the city lights, I think.

Anna said...

Good night moon!

Anna said...

I love these shots! They're really awesome... I'm not sure what else to say or call them but really awesome!

Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

I really like the first two shots. The blue of the sky is amazing in the second one.

Shelly said...

I really like the first one...the contrast of the tile roof, the white buildings and the blue sky....soooo pretty!

Bunny Trails said...

I love them both, Robert. Each is beautiful in its own right. Very nice. :D

I cannot believe that I am so far behind on reading your blog. I actually had to click "older posts" at the bottom and keep reading. Where have I been anyway?

Of course, I'll always show up eventually. I so enjoy your photography skills. And your stories and family, etc.