Friday, April 25, 2008

Oooops Revisited - Project Green #5 B

Quite a few of you were asking what the original photo looked like from my Oooops Project Green #5 entry. So I have the original, the enhanced, and the same setting a few years prior.

Here's my Oooops once again.

Above: Image out of the camera. No edits

Minor color changes to enhance the image.

Here is the same location under different lighting. Taken about 2 years ago.
This one is currently framed and on our living room wall.

Please go to Anna's blog to see her Project Green photos and the links to all the other participants.

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Anna said...

I can tell you are having fun with this! I am too...

Raven said...

I'm so glad you posted the original. Great fun to see all of them. I love the two year old photo. I can see why you have it framed. Beautiful.

Lacey Lichi said...

Robert, thanks for the nice comment. I like shooting people. We connect. I have much more trouble shooting things- that's why I come here and to Anna's post. You are very good at scenery. Gorgeous. I like the over processed effect- kinda fun! I want to see your favorite image of all time on my blog! I'm curious!

Carletta said...

I'm glad you posted the original too.
My favorite is the one you have framed and on your wall - it's gorgeous!

Mark said...

Lots of people still look at me like I'm crazy when I say a sunny day ruined my hopes of taking pictures. That picture of that road proves my theory wonderfully. The one at bottom (that you had framed) is far superior because of the lack of harsh shadows. The wet road helps, too.