Saturday, April 26, 2008

Green Eyed Pumpkin

Experiencing a bit of a heat wave here in our valley, we headed off to Malibu this afternoon to cool off and spend time with the parents of my friend living abroad. We had a wonderful time together talking, eating, and touring their beautiful home. Their pretty kitty, Pumpkin, was kind enough to pose for me, revealing a beautiful pair of light green eyes. Thanks Pumpkin!

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June said...

The eyes have it...great shot!

Raven said...

Aw... beautiful. I almost put Angel's (kitty) eyes today, but decided on something else. Pumpkin looks like a beauty. My neighbor where I used to live had a giant princess kitty named Pumpkin and two orange males named Weasel and Warren. Now that I have bored you with uninteresting trivia... I enjoyed your photo as always.

Dillo said...

Awesome shot! Glad you finally got a chance to catch up with the parents!

christy said...

Thanks! I've always liked that shot.

I like the close cropping of the cat's eyes. I'll bet if the color was really punchy, the effect would be pretty dramatic.

I've just posted today's image, too!

Shelly said...

Really neat shot, it makes me miss all of the kitties that are no longer with us. Only one more day of "green"....whatever are we gonna doooooo???