Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gift Wrapped in Green - Project Green #7

I saved the best for last. Most of you know we adopted Lily in July of last year in China. Here are the very first pictures we took of Lily the day we met her. Taken literally minutes after she was placed in Julianne's arms for the first time. I'm also including video of the moment we got her. Some of you have seen this before, but it's well worth seeing again in my humble opinion!

Please go to Anna's blog to see her Project Green photos and the links to all the other participants.

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Anonymous said...

The moments of being placed in one's arms are to be treasured and remembered forever :)
I'm glad you took shots and videos of the moment.

Karly said...

Do you know I cried when I watch this video? Your joy was my joy for sure! It blessed me!

Lily is certainly a gift, a blessing from the Lord. Oh, but you didn't need me to tell you that. :)

Anonymous said...

OMG that made me cry! That's amazing! My sister is in the process of adopting from China. How long did it take you? What a gift....

Dorothy said...

What a sweet, sweet moment that is, having your daughter placed in your arms for the very first time. I remember it well. Our daughter was adopted from Korea 24 years ago. What a wonderful day!

June said...

What a joyous moment that must have been. She's beautiful.

I've enjoyed seeing your project green photos!

Cris said...

This is truly beautiful, thanks for sharing with us such special moments, I cried when I watched it...