Thursday, September 27, 2007

Is God Trying to Tell Me Something?

Leadership. A role to which I never thought I'd aspire. Not because I'm not able. Rather, I had no desire. I'm a team player. I love collaboration. I prefer being one of the many instead of the one. The more I put off the position of leader, the more I get placed into it. This has to be a God thing. More and more throughout recent years, I've been placed in positions of leadership in both my professional, and my spiritual endeavors. I'm not power hungry. I don't crave the spotlight. The more I study leadership though, the more I see that the qualities which I possess are some of the same qualities of an effective leader. Darn it!

The end of last and most of this week, the principal of my school has been out of town on a personal matter. Her absence placed our assistant principal into the principal role. This meant our AP could not attend to discipline issues. This is where I went kicking and screaming into the role gladly stepped in. I think I'll save for a separate post the issues in which I was confronted. But for now I'll say that the frequency and nature of the discipline issues here (public school or perhaps kids today in general) is alarming. Not realizing I was being observed, I was later complimented on the manner in which I handled the perpetrators children. These past few days have been quite the learning experience. And as reflective as I've been, I'm seeing areas in which I can improve.

It's also no wonder that we are currently studying leadership in my men's group. We are going through The Book on Leadership by John MacArthur. We are only just beginning, but I'm anxious to see how this study continues to transform me. It's exciting and encouraging to see how God used the resistant leader within scripture. Job and Moses come quickly to mind. Not only did God use them to accomplish His plan, but He did a work on their heart at the same time.

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Mel said...

hehehe.....just loved the way you wrote this!! I too know what it is like to go kicking n screaming ....errr...well maybe more like grumbling n dragging the feet into roles of leadership that I would rather have avoided!! Personally I feel more comfortable in behind the scenes roles...but as someone, somewhere once commented...if you are breathing n walking then straight away you will be in some capacity of leadership ...whether it be just over your own life, within your household or on a larger scale.
And I just love the idea that God knows what I can accomplish for Him in His strength by being stretched that little bit further than I envisioned!
You are obviously doing a good job..keep it up and enjoy the journey God's got planned for you :D