Sunday, June 1, 2008

6 Quirky Things

Well it finally happened. I was tagged for my first meme. I don't even know how to pronounce meme. Is it long e as in meem? Is two syllables, long e as in me me? Is it ....? I could go on and on. No matter the pronunciation, I'm here to fulfill the request. Diane over at Bunny Trails picked me to do this. Here's what I'm asked to do:

* Link to the person who tagged you. (done)
* Mention the rules in your blog. (done)
* Tell about six unspectacular quirks of yours. (done)
* Tag a new set of six following bloggers by linking to them. (Here's where I break the rules, sorry. But if anyone feels compelled to do this on their own, let me know.)

Quirks? Do I have any? Thinking I had no flaws, I consulted my wife. What the heck was I thinking? This did not take her long. She came up with 5 pretty darned quick. Then a few more came out.

  1. Well I actually did come up with one thing. And it's the very first one Julianne thought of as well. I have this thing about fruit. I like to cut up all fruit. What really drives her crazy is that I also like to cut up grapes. I'll cut them in half. She goes through the roof if I cut them in fourths! "WHY DO YOU DO THAT???" She'll exclaim. I have no answer. I just like them like that I suppose.
  2. Next on her list - I'm slow she said. "Slow at what", I asked. "Everything" she replied. Slow in moving. Slow in responding. I'm just a slow processor. For example, if I ask what she wants to eat when at a restaurant, she will tell me but when it comes time to tell the waitress, I have to search for the information I received and find it before I can retell it. I need to think through things before responding and ya, it does take me a while. I have to agree with her there.
  3. She loves my slight lisp. Her favorite is when I say the word, "coins." She always gets a giggle and tells me how cute it is when I say that word. She can tell I used to have a speech problem. One I thought was corrected back in elementary school. I guess it tends to thlip out from time to time.
  4. The nose thing was next. "The nose thing?" I asked. "What's that?" Apparently when I talk to people, usually if nervous, I rub my nose with two fingers. A lot.
  5. Dishes-I use a lot of dishes when I cook. In my defense (not that I'm being attacked here)-I'm a man. At least I cook. Ha ha.
  6. When I have not been heard, I talk slower instead of louder. The problem is usually my volume, not my enunciation.

This next one was categorized as just plain annoying and not necessarily a quirk. Socks left on the floor under the computer desk. And yes, embarrassing as it is, this next one is true. On more than one occasion I have left underwear on the kitchen counter. Nothing weird, Honest.

So what do you know, I'm not perfect after all. :)

Image of Mr. Wonderful doll taken from this site.


Dillo said...

That's why we're friends! I've been accused of being 'slow' too! But the grape thing....nah! Funny post, but no, I'm not going to publicly proclaim my unique quirks anymore than I've already done.

Willow said...

I saw that you are going to be teaching in the classroom next year. And you're in SoCal. Me, too.

I asked my principal today about jobs and I have one for next year. Whew! As a certified but year by year hire (Title!), I don't have a guarantee.

Willow said...

I worked in LA (and Watts) for four years but in a private mission school ( But I did my student teaching in LA Uni (years ago) and my dil and her dad taught in LAUSD for several years, too. And having lived in South Central for 4 1/2 years, I'm familiar with the various schools down there.

I hope you find just the right position.

Bunny Trails said...

It is a long "e" sound - rhymes with dream. I had that same issue when I first saw the word.

The grape thing totally cracks me up! Kind of along the lines of my issue with light switches. Ha! Ha!

I had a speech issue in elementary school and went to a therapist for awhile. I guess it worked, cause ith all gone now. :D

That's funny that you slow down when people don't hear you.

Thanks for playing, Robert! Glad you had fun. :D

Val said...

Ha! Love how Julianne's not hard for the wife to come up with!

They were great though...and if you have a hankering to cut up some fruit, come on over...I hate that job.

Karly said...

Cut up grapes? Into quarters? That is quirky! And, I won't even mention the unmentionables! :)

But, who am I to talk? You are a courageous man to participate in this meme, whereas I am not sure I ever would! Way to go! :)