Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Oh What a Night

I was tense, a bit anxious, and not to mention a little stressed. Conditions at work contributed to the latter. I hate to admit but I was awkwardly nervous about my night alone with Lily. I have not spent enough time with her lately which has evidenced itself by her not wanting to be with me but rather almost exclusively with her mommy. Lily had also not quite been herself due to her week in Palm Springs. Being out of her element seemed to phase her a bit. I did not join them until later in the week, and then was busy with my conference once there. So now that we are home I was anxious and yet hopeful for our time together last night while Julianne headed off to choir practice. When Julianne left it was dinner time. Lily ate well as usual. She typically tires of the baby food vegetables. Fortunately she was pleasantly distracted by the cap to her baby bottle enough to not notice she finished the entire tub of food. The grilled chicken breast, butternut squash, and mixed (real) veggies were more eagerly received.

After dinner we headed to the living room to play with her toys. Although the news was on when we left the living room to go eat, when we returned one of those tabloid shows was on. Lily and I were both caught gazing for moments at the screen. Neither of us could tell you what we were watching but we were both zoning out quite a bit. Off went the tv. Down went the bicycling magazines I've been perusing. I needed to simply be with her. And with her I was. We. Had. Fun. We played with her Little People Farm. We played chase around the kitchen island. She giggled a lot. She told me the chicken says, "Boc boc boc" and the cow says, "Ooooooo."

Our time was precious. After how I had been feeling, it was a true blessing.

The new song that opens my blog is called "Cinderella" (the internet only had it labeled as "Track 03") and is on Steven Curtis Chapman's new cd, This Moment. It's been in my head since we saw him in concert a couple of weekend's ago. The message is about how fast our kids grow up and not wanting to miss a single moment. A message I took to heart last night and will treasure.

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