Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Incredible Show

As I briefly mentioned in my last post, a few weeks ago we went to a concert. We saw Bethany Dillon, Sanctus Real, and Steven Curtis Chapman. On top of that, we got to spend the evening with some dear friends, James and Allison. As you see I got some really good pictures from the show but I'm still kicking myself for not having someone take a picture of the four of us.

Bethany Dillon had a short set but she was amazing. I absolutely love her voice. I'm not too familiar with Sanctus Real They were good but didn't knock my socks off. And as usual, Steven Curtis Chapman put on a wonderful performance. I am hardly one to be star struck but he is someone I would like to meet sometime. If anything, just to tell him our story and thank him for his and his family's role in us having Lily.

Here are some shots from the show. Enjoy.

Bethany Dillon

Steven Curtis Chapman

Steven was joined on stage by his two sons, Caleb and Will Franklin, on guitar and drums.


Chris said...

Followed your comment on MaryBeth Chapman's blog to your blog. You got some fantastic shots. What kind of camera do you use?! Thanks for sharing. I missed the concert that came near home a few weeks ago (for a good reason) and I'm still kicking myself for missing it. Your shots kinda took me there. Thanks. And ditto on wanting to meet him AND MaryBeth, not for star status but just to say thank you for putting music to the words that mean so much...for sharing their lives so transparently. I love people who live their faith out like the Chapmans do. - Nicole

Elaine said...

I,too, was led to your blog through Mary Beth's blog... neat how that happens! and I wanted to know what kind of camera you have too! and how far away were you? great pics! and your baby is beautiful. I'm going to adopt someday. I have three boys... 15, 12, & 9. thanks for your blog... i have one too, but it's by invite only. if you're interested, send me your email.

Robert said...

Hi Nicole and Elaine. Thanks for stopping by and for your nice comments. My camera is the Canon Digital Rebel xti. I absolutely love it. I love taking pictures...just a hobby but it's great. For the SCC concert, I was in the second row and used my 300mm lens for the close shots.

Elaine, I don't see a link to email you. You can email me at and send me a link to your blog.