Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Who's Out There?

I'm kinda curious here. When I enter new posts I see my hit counter increasing. Since it's over 500 now, it can't be all from my return visits here! Outside of the two or three regulars that post comments, I don't know who's out there. So I'm wondering who's reading. I don't know if you are blog hoppers that happen across my page from time to time or if I have more than a handful of regular readers. How many, I'm wondering, of you know me in person, outside of the blogging community? I'm mostly writing to unload what's in my head as well as to document/journal so I'm not necessarily coveting comments. (Ok, maybe a little.) But I must say that I have enjoyed reading the comments I've received as well as reading the blogs of those who visit. So I promise to not make this a regular request, but if you wouldn't mind leaving a comment on this post telling me who's out there, I'd appreciate it. First name only is fine. And if you have a blog, let me (and my two or three other readers) know. Thanks :)


Kevin and Violet said...

I'm Kevin. I've posted on your blog before because I find the things you post enlightening. The honesty you showed after you got your daughter touched me greatly. I come back every so often to see what Lily is up to and to see what other "Thoughts of a Father" you have posted. Someday, (with an LID of 4-4-07 it's going to be a while) I may need the advice and insights you offer.

Take care and God bless.


Grafted Branch @ Restoring the Years said...

Lurkers aren't easily convinced to come out of hiding, so don't be discouraged.

I don't know anything about Statcounter, but do know that Sitemeter--even the free option--can allow you to block counts from your own IP, see from where folks are being referred, how many of your pages they are looking at, how long they spend on your site, and whereby they make their exit.

Keep writing.

Blogrolls are a little help, in my experience, but surfing and commenting are even better for meeting new folks and increasing traffic (if that's the goal).

My favorite way to surf, is by reading the comments to another blogger's post and visiting the commenter based on what they've said.

Robert said...

Kevin and Violet - Thank you for your kind words. I hope I can encourage you during the wait. It is long, but so worth it. Knowing that God is in control makes it much easier. I'm looking forward to following you in your journey.

Grafted Branch - Thanks for your input/advice. I'm not discouraged (not completely) as I do this mostly for me. But it is nice to get the comments, I must admit. Actually, none of the hits are from me. When I set up Statcounter, I did in fact block my IP. I know some people IRL read me without saying anything. Anyhow, thanks for being one of two that answered my request. Hope you keep coming back.

Robin said...

I don't know if this will help traffic or not, but I added your name to my blogrush referrals...I'm not even totally sure what it is, but it's supposed to drive traffic to your site...we'll see how that pans out, lol.

ellen said...

Hi brother,
I'm one of your readers, more so now that I hve joined the land of real computer users via high speed, (what was I thinking for all those years?!) Your words and stories are always an inspiration to me and because I love you so much, almost always make me tear up. I am always one of your biggest fans...
your sis