Saturday, September 1, 2007

Preliminary Training: Day 2; The Hallucination

Today's run was going to be put on hold until tomorrow, possibly Monday. During the week I had been called to fill in on a doubles game. Shortly after accepting the offer, the game unfortunately got canceled. I have not played tennis in months so I was disappointed. I did receive a counter-offer to go surfing instead. I have ALWAYS wanted to learn to surf but I don't feel ready to try that. Not yet at least. I told him to keep asking because I WILL say yes one of these days. Anyhow, that lead to today's run.

I couldn't have worked out that hard. I increased my pace to running three minutes, walking two intermittently for half an hour. I'm writing this within minutes of returning home, before the pain sets in, so I can say it was still hard-yet not unbearable. But I couldn't have worked out that hard. Hard enough to hallucinate?

Since the gate to the local high school track has been locked on Saturday mornings I have been running east to west and back upon a gravel lined trail along the wash. With the wash to the north of the trail, there are views into residential backyards to the south. Many birds reside in and around the wash. If having two bird feeders qualifies me as a bird lover, then so I am. I know nothing about them other than they have feathers, wings, and can fly (most at least). Other than that, I can tell you, "There's a pretty bird." So on my return, running west with the sun in my eyes (hoping that's a good enough excuse) I saw it up ahead sitting on the trail. There sitting peacefully was a beautiful red/orange breasted, black beaked bird. A robin? Finch? I have no idea but you get an idea of the size. Huffing, puffing, and stomping closer, I was perplexed yet pleased that this beautiful bird had not panicked and flown away. As I approached and passed what I had ascribed as the handiwork of God, I had to laugh (inside my head because I was too busy huffing and puffing). What I saw was not a bird. Was not a squirrel. Was not even a living creature. Nor was it once living. So what was it? Take a look below.


Mel said...


Now that's a good hallucination!!!
(As long as you don't start seeing the robins as a food source!)

Robin said...

Yeah...I totally understand that (since I just wrote a post about mistaking wild turkeys for a cobra or ostrich! And I wasn't even exercising at the time!!).

Fun fun :).

Hmmm, my name seems kind of ironic given this subject matter.....