Monday, September 10, 2007

Two Months of Lily Grace

If you follow Julianne's blog also, I know this topic is redundant. And you might see some of the same pictures. But how can I sit and let this pass without saying something? Two months since someone I can't even recall placed Lily into the arms of my wife. TWO MONTHS??? The nearly three year wait for her is completely out of mind now. It seems as if Lily has been part of our lives forever. We can't imagine life without her now. She has so transformed our lives, it is almost indescribable. But isn't that what I'm attempting to do here? All of you long time parents know what I'm talking about and are smiling at what I'm now saying; perhaps recalling a glimpse of when you first experienced what I'm trying to talk about. As she grows, and learns something new each day, she continues to mold me. How God is using this child to transform me (and I admit I have a LONG way to go) is beyond comprehension.
In case any of you missed the video on Julianne's blog of the moment we got Lily (7-9-07), here is another chance to see it.

Enjoy the many faces of Lily.


lady laura said...

I'm here by way of Grafted Branch. Your daughter is so cute, I could eat her with a spoon! Praise be to God.

Mel said...

No doubt about it...she really is gorgeous!! I love looking back through photos of our children and remembering all the funny things they did...and cute faces they pulled!! When Lily starts talking she will say the funniest things...write them down while you remember them...she will love hearing you tell her what she used to say...and you will have just as big a laugh over it five to ten years on as you did when she first said it!!
Great to see you and Julianne being so blessed through this little gift from God :D

Robin said...

How precious that those welcome tears are replaced with settled smiles. Neither of your lives will ever be the same...but only in the best of ways!

Wonderful to see those first few moments you got your baby girl :).