Wednesday, September 12, 2007

One Life

The question is often asked, "What difference does one life make?" It is typically an introspective question asked about oneself. We all have our George Bailey moments. But I'm not doing that here. Right now I'm thinking about Lily. We still often hear what a wonderful thing we've done for Lily: giving her a home, a family, safety, love, etc. All true. And then there's what she's done for us: Given us the chance to be parents, to greater experience the grace of God, to add to our family, to bring more joy than we ever imagined, etc. Those are all to be expected. But to see how this whole experience, how this one little life has affected those around us is all too incredible to witness.

Having the opportunity to travel to China with our mother's was both a blessing and a joy. And especially now that Lily is adjusting, it's such a joy to see her interact with them and to see how excited they get to be with her.

My sister is just on top of the world every time she sees Lily. She lights up at the sight of her. Another true blessing. And my aunt, oh my gosh, I don't think I've ever seen her so happy as when she gets to be with Lily.

And so many more. We've had the chance to spend time with other family members and many, many friends since we've been back from China, several of whom began weeping at the first sight of Lily. (I won't name names to spare embarrassment.)

So what difference can one life make? I look forward to a lifetime of continuing to see that question answered.


Dillo said...

My original post dissapeared!!!

I may blog about this too....but...It only gets better! Much more fun and better!

Mel said...

Children really are such a joy and enrich our lives so much. I can imagine how much of a blessing Lily has been to your family...actually the photos shout it out!! It has been great seeing the photos and hearing your heart about fatherhood...keep on going strong with it :)

Robin said...

Ah....CHEERIOS faces!! The sweetest thing ever (among a thousand sweetest things ever!).

One life makes all the difference in the world...

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,
Love reading your blog from time-to-time. Very insightful for me. Little Lily-bug has brought us all such job.
Love, Mom