Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cheerios & Watermelon

Dear Lily,

As I glance over at you sleeping, seeing you dimly lit by the light of my computer monitor, I send up silent prayers. Your sleep is frequently disturbed by your coughing. The little cold we thought you had was diagnosed today as pneumonia. In the eight days that we've had you I've never seen you cry as much as you did today. And yet I don't think I've seen you laugh as much either. After your second of three nebulization treatments today, in which you cried throughout, you gave me the sweetest smile and giggle. Here we were trying to console you, and there you were smiling at me, melting my heart. You were so uncomfortable all day. Your Mommy, laying inches from your crib right now listening to you breathe, would have given anything to take this illness from you. It is humbling to know there is nothing we can do. Some would call it hopelessness, but not when there is hope from above.

Professionally, I'm a teacher. But these past eight days, you my dear girl, have been my teacher. God has been using you in amazing ways to penetrate my heart. We have been blessed to become your parents. Many trials and tribulations like this first major one will line our future path together. And oh how I will long for days like these, when we can bring comfort to you and a smile to your face as easily as we can now with a Cheerio and a taste of watermelon.

Sleep well baby girl. Your mommy and daddy love you and will be here when you wake.



Lily getting a Cheerio as comfort after her treatment at the clinic.


Grafted Branch @ Restoring the Years said...

That's a very pretty baby. You and your wife must sit around all day staring at her. I would.

jewell Orsa said...

Wonderful observations. I am so proud of you.

Your mom