Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My March Post

I missed all of February. From blogging almost everyday back in the summer to almost nothing. So instead of saying I'll try to post more and visit all the blogs I've been missing, I'll just put up a post and see what happens from here.

Life remains busy. Do you ever get the feeling that rather than doing a few things well, you are doing a whole bunch of things not so well? Being back in the classroom continues to challenge me but I feel I'm meeting the those challenges. My photography business is slowly growing. I have had one paid assignment and have been doing numerous "trade" jobs. Models wanting to build their portfolios contract with me so I can do the same. No money changes hands but we both end up with images for our portfolios. This has been great experience but the whole point (well a big part of it) of this is to build income.

Julianne and Lily are wonderful. Lily is completely off the prednisone (since January) and is doing great. Julianne is doing wonders with her. I come home and am amazed at Lily's vocabulary. I've always said it's amazing what kids can do when you talk to them. She had us crying with laughter tonight at dinner. She loves to change the words to songs to make them silly because she knows she get a rise out of us. I'll leave you with some recent pictures of Lily and some of my recent photography work.

Lily and my mom


Julianne said...

Yeah! Welcome back.:o)

Robin said...

Good to hear from you Robert, and to hear that while you've been busy that it's primarily a good busy.

Lily is as beautiful as ever, and getting so BIG now too. Great news about the prednisone.

Stinky John Jones said...

Hey stranger!
Oh, I know how you feel. Like everything needs to be done, yet only the most important get tackled.

Of course, Lily darling is cuter then ever. So happy to hear she is doing well.
She is growing so fast!

Your pictures are wonderful. And woot woot on the paid job :)

Can't wait to see what you have in store for April!

Kay said...

Welcome back to the blog world :)

I love the photos.. Little L is always sweet and your other ones are great as well.. I like the last one a lot and I don't know why.

quilly said...

Look how much Lily has grown since we saw her last! She is starting to look more like a toddler and less like a baby.

And, since we saw you last I was gifted with a fancy camera and a photography class. I'll never make pro, but it is a great hobby.

Christy said...

Good to see another post! I've had a difficult timing posting as well. And a hearty AMEN to the feeling of doing many things not-so-well rather than a few things well! That feeling has gotten more and more prominent for me over the past few months... Having to pick up my new job at the coffee shop makes me look forward even more to graduate school in the fall and the lovely stipend I'll get for the next 6 years so I won't have to pull ridiculous shifts at a coffee house!

Anna said...

Glad to see you found sometime to give us an update! Can't wait to see more pictures from your shoots in the future!

Carletta said...

I was going down my bookmarked list and thought I'd give it a try and here you are again or were anyway. :)
My how Lily has grown! She's adorable as always.
Nice portraits too.
So glad things are going well for you if however hectic.
I started a photoblog since I was here last. Still trying to get better at taking just the right shot. Hope you'll come by someday and take a look.
Carletta’s Captures.

Dillo said...

So, now you're posting monthly? And of course you'll probably take Summer and December off; soooo, I can look forward to, what?, 8 posts a year? Dude, I'm thinking that you are seriously entitled to some of that Cal-eee-for-nya stimulus money; cuz I was being productive looking at your blog WHEN YOU WERE WRITING OFTEN; but now I've sunk into despair and depression---and isn't the Stimulus supposed to pull us out of (the) depression?

dianne - bunny trails said...

Nice to hear from you, Robert. Wow, Lily's growing so much and she's as adorable as ever, if nor more. Glad to hear she's off the prednisone.

Your photos are great. Thanks again, for an update.


Carletta said...

And now we are almost halfway through April - you need an April post!! :)
Happy Easter Robert to you and your beautiful family!

Raven said...

Great news about Lily and wonderful photos of her. She looks like a joyful kid.

Your portrait work is really evolving. Looks like you are keeping busy.