Sunday, August 3, 2008

L.A. Landmark

Today we celebrated my sister's birthday. She typically likes to choose a location where we can spend time together whether it be shopping, dining, or going to an event. This year she chose going to one of L.A.'s landmark locations - The Farmer's Market on Third and Fairfax. It was packed full of people which made for some interesting people watching. I felt like I was the only one without a tattoo for a while (excluding my family). Here are a few images from the day. Happy Birthday, Ellen!

A very L.A. site

At the entrance to a shop that sold ONLY hot sauce we were greeted by this very unwelcoming sign. The rebel in me shot at it...from outside so I was still safe.

A local shop that has been on site for years

People watching

I shot this sunglasses vendor through their display mirror. I was soon after scolded by her coworker for taking pictures of their merchandise.

A hat vendor passing the time between customers with a good book

Lily holding on

As I was looking around, there I was reflecting

Runaway Lily


quilly said...

Happy Birthday, Robert's sister. It looks like a fun day was had by all. I loved the photos of Lily's hand, and runaway Lily.

June said...

I love farmer's markets...and I always wonder why vendors object to pictures being taken of their wares. I can understand artists at fairs...maybe some artistic protectionism...but sunglasses???

Christy said...

I love these! Markets are my favorite places to photograph, so I'm glad you were a rebel! :)

Jeanne Damoff said...

Great shots! Love the caption (and the photo) of runaway Lily. :)

25 points for shooting the no photography sign.

dianne - bunny trails said...

What a fun day. I love the variety of things going on there. Super place to have a camera. You're so funny - rebelling against the sign. Sounds like something I'd do. {grin}

The refelction/ing picture of you is great. Quite clever. :D

Raven said...

Happy Birthday to your sister. Looks like you had a good day. I liked the last 5 best of all the photos, especially the one of Lily's hand and of Lily herself.

Dillo said...

Happy BD to E!

So, time to add another chapter in the picture taking Etiquette chapter: Carny's-No, Piers-No, Sunglass salespeople-No. Maybe you should have told them that you have a blog that's viewed internationally?!

Fun stuff. Enjoyed the variety and shots in this set! As always, enjoy yer sense of humor.

Blessings for Tuesday.....

Anna said...

Fun pics! I went to a farmers market with my aunt and uncle in Brooklyn once and it had a lot of stuff like this there. Places like that are always so much fun!