Thursday, July 3, 2008

Reflecting on the 4th

July 4, 2007. A very different 4th of July. We did not see fireworks. We did not have a barbeque. Instead, we boarded a plane bound for China. Bound for our future. We were on our way to get our baby girl and bring her home with us. More of that story will soon follow. But I'm now reflecting on the experience of visiting another country and how fortunate it makes me feel for living here. Now. One of the benefits of living in our city is being 6 miles away from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum. In our nearly seven years of living here today was our third visit to the library. I was very non political during the Reagan years. Visiting the library makes me very appreciative of him and his presidency. Here are some images from our visit.

Below are pictures of Reagan's presidential diaries.

The next four pictures are of the new wing of the library which feature Air Force 1.
Here you will see the president's airplane and helicopter.

"Mr Gorbachev, Tear down this wall!"
Below is an actual piece of the Berlin Wall.

Below is the letter that President Reagan drafted to the American public disclosing that he had Alzheimer's disease.


Carletta said...

I have goosebumps with the music playing!
Wonderful post!
Your photos are grand as always.
I'm amazed at the piece of the wall and the size of it.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful safe and very happy holiday!

quilly said...

I have never been in a Presidential Library. Thank you for giving me a glimpse into this one.

Robin said...

That b&w picture of Lily is just beautiful. The b&w makes it so tender.

Re the library - that's his personal plane and helicopter preserved for all eternity? They retire them with the president? What an incredible waste...

Robert said...

Carletta, we were told that this was one of 45,000 sections of the wall.

Quilly, If you're ever out this way, it's worth a visit.

Robin, Reagan used the plane more than other presidents but it was not just for him. This particular plane was used by Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, H.W. Bush, Clinton, and W.Bush.

Christy said...

You have some great off-center shots, and I really like the image of Reagan's presidential diaries. (And of course the one of Lily running down the hallway.)

My 4th last year was quite different as well -- I was living abroad (in London) and it was the strangest thing to walk out on the streets and not see red, white, and blue everywhere, kids running around, barbeques, and fire crackers. You'd say "Happy 4th of July" and it meant as much to them as "Happy 5th of July." It's nice to be back to normal now.

Erin Faye said...

Those are awesome pictures!! Happy 4th of July!

Shelly said...

I think my favorite is the shot of the diary, so personal.
Wishing you a safe and happy 4th.

Melissa said...

Happy Independence Day...and may God continue to Bless your family :)

Raven said...

Excellent post. A year ago that you went to find your daughter. Happy Anniversary! Wonderful photos as always. The piece of the Berlin Wall is quite beautiful. I'm not a Reagan fan (as you may or may not have guessed), but he has a lovely library.

I think my two favorite pics are the 10th one with your daughter walking and the piece of the wall.

Cranky as I feel about what's happening to our country at the moment, she's still my favorite place in the world. Happy July 4th.

Robin said...

I'm very glad to hear that. I was very upset with the idea that each president would get their own new one, since the usable life of a plane is much longer than even two consecutive terms in office. Given the US gov't's propensity towards waste ($300 toilet seats anyone?) I could certainly have seen it happening.