Monday, July 28, 2008

Kept on Ice

Here are some more images I've sat on for a while. These are from our trip to Alaska four years ago next week. Although it's not too hot here (only mid 90's) I thought I'd offer a few more cooling images.

Below is an iceberg that broke off from the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau

Below is the Hubbard Glacier. The sun shining through shows off the blue tones in the ice.

The following three images were taken in Saxman Totem Village in Skagway. I was teaching 3rd grade at the time and one of our stories was about building totem poles so this excursion was perfect!

Below are some of the colorful shops in Ketchikan

This lil guy was our token Alaskan Husky guide through Ketchikan.

If pizza is their specialty what does this say about their Mexican food? Although I couldn't pass up the shot, we gladly passed on the food!


quilly said...

I love the houses! They look like a Victorian Village transplanted. I also like your little guide. I hope he was more chipper than he looks in your photo.

Britt said...

The party pictures were so fun!
The winter shots really helped me feel cooler (it was SO hot here today!)... i especially love the little squirrel!
And for this post, that dog is such a cutie!! :)
(ps- Sorry I've been MIA recently!)

Christy said...

Love the totem poles!

June said...

These pictures sure make me want to go there and see it all. The pooch is soooo cute. By the way, I like your music've got my taste...another thing we have in common!

Anna said...

That last one is very interesting! Hehehe. Thanks for co0ling me off while I am in this HOTlanta weather!

Raven said...

You take the best trips... and the best pictures. These are wonderful photos of someplace I always wanted to visit. I actually thought of moving there at one point in the 1970s but didn't quite have the courage. I love all of these photos. Cute puppy. Love the totem pole with the little red guy next to it. All great.

Carletta said...

Great shots! I can almost look at a couple of them and know how you would take it now - especially the sign.
Love the totem poles.

Alaska is on my bucket list. I'd love to see the glaciers.

Robin said...

I would love to see Alaska someday, especially the glaciers. My parents were there last year and couldn't stop talking about it.

Beverly said...

Thanks for the cool pictures on a hot day.

JC said...

Wonderful shots! I really like the angle on that tall totem-pole. I've got about 1/16 American Indian in me... I always thought that was special, lol.

dianne - bunny trails said...

That's too funny! Signs like that just crack me up.

dianne - bunny trails said...

Okay, I feel silly - I was scrolling backwards through your posts in order to catch up, and kind of missed that there were more shots than just the restaurant sign. LOL!

The rest of the pix are really good too. I'd love to go to Alaska. The dog is so sweet and cute!