Thursday, June 26, 2008

Looking Ahead

Tomorrow is my last day of work. It closes the chapter of my four years out of the classroom as a math coach. We had our end of the year coach meeting and luncheon today. It was a day of goodbyes, best wishes, thank yous, and encouragements. So as I close this chapter, I look down the next path. Or set of paths. I'm definitely looking forward to working in a classroom again. It will be a welcomed challenge. I've already loaded myself up with text books and state standards to begin prepping for the school year. Plus, I'll be teaching summer school to 4th and 5th graders which get me back in teaching mode. I'm nervous, excited, and anxious all at the same time

But I'm also looking at what other things are down this path. I'm seriously looking into doing more with my photography. Professionally. Also, Lily will be turning 2 in August. What will life at home be like now that she is growing up so fast? All this reflecting is getting me to look at my priorities a lot more. There is nothing like having a child to show me how selfish I am. I'm involved in too many things. My hobbies are too time consuming so I need balance. And if I'm thinking of making my hobby become more, I have to figure out a way to do this or I'll have to let it go. I definitely need to pray about this. And I invite you to join me in this prayer.

Having said that, tomorrow night is the wedding in which I'll be assisting. I've packed all my gear. Checked it multiple times. I think I'm ready. Ready as I'm going to be. So if you're already praying for my previously mentioned area of need, would you be so kind as to pray for my friend and me as we shoot this wedding? Thank you so much.


Karly said...

"There is nothing like having a child to show me how selfish I am."

This is a thought rolling around in my head as well, about me. Not you.

Lily is one blessed little girl, and maybe once she is old enough to snap pictures, her daddy can show her the ropes.

Praying for all things mentioned. Can't wait to hear about the wedding!

Raven said...

Lots of exciting changes in your life.... all good, which is nice. I will keep you in my prayers for tomorrow's wedding and on the larger questions you are looking at. I will say that while you don't want to neglect your wife and daughter in pursuit of your passions, sacrificing the passions that feed your heart and spirit would not seem like a good lesson to give your daughter either. Finding balance is tricky, but if you find a way to live the fullness of your own dreams, you will be teaching your daughter to live the fullness of hers as well. As she gets older you can buy her a camera and share your love of "seeing" with her.

Have you ever seen the series of interviews that Bill Moyers did with Joseph Campbell on PBS? If not, I recommend that you get hold of them and let this amazing man's wisdom touch your life.

Whatever you do, will be the right thing. It may be overused, but it's true, that it's not the destination in this life but the journey that counts.

Sorry to be so long winded. Hope you have a wonderful experience tomorrow and that it's the first of many. For the rest, you will find your way, but I'll keep you in my prayers anyway.

The Pat Blog said...

wow Raven, dat vhas ferry inshpyrink (ok, I'll drop "ze Chairman" accent), no really, I was inspired by your "long fingered" comment... thanx

Actually I was just droppink in 2 Cey, I hear ya Rob, I'm there, I B a'prayin, and a'smiling for you cause I know your gonna have a good'ol time. Cause you was made to make pictures Bro. You da man!

Now don't get puffed up, but do have some guilt free fun tomorrow, and there after. Dats right, find the balance, keep the balance, and shoot shoot shoot! Shoot the bird, shoot the child, shoot the mountain, shoot the pebble...

Sorry, just woke up and have'nt had me coffee yet.

Searching 4 Balance myself,

annette said...

You don't need luck for tomorrow, you have a gift - it will all just happen!!Your passion will shine through- have a fantastic time, can't wait to see photos if they let you share. Life sounds very exciting for you at the moment - ENJOY!! Thankyou for dropping by today I am off to visit "Looking for Lily" thanks for that - I love stampin up stuff, we have lots of it over here in Aus. :0)

Anna said...

You certainly will have my prayers! I got your email late last night...sorry we missed each other yesterday and yes, I have been thinking about the suggestions you made. I appreciate all your info for me as well!

You will do great. Be you and shoot what you know and how you like!

I will be thinking of ya! Email when you are done if you get a chance!

Christy said...

Best wishes and prayers are with you and shooting the wedding today (how exciting -- you'll have to pass on the tidbits that you learn for when I shoot my first wedding in July!)! Changes are exciing, but sometimes scary (haha, this seems to be a time in my life where the ONLY constant is change!), and it sounds like you have a wonderful family with you for the ride.

And I second Raven's wise comment about not neglecting Julianne and Lily but not sacrificing a fulfilling passion! God entrusted ALL those things to your care. (But from what I'm learning in my life, that tension always seems to be lurking in the corner, keeping things in their place.)

Yes, my header change was recent -- yesterday afternoon. You and Anna were first to comment -- thanks for the kind words :)

Christy said...

Oh, I forgot to ask -- can you send me an email so I have your email address and can send you info on how I made that picture from Venice? (And, if I can find it, the crab recipe?) :)

Carletta said...

I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes. You wrote that so well.
It is only natural to have so many conflicting feelings when things are changing in your life. They are all good things.
I read Raven's comment and visit her blog daily. She is very insightful and I can't say it any better than she already has.
I will pass some advice a kind blogger gave me when I first started blogging. In my profile I mention pursuring artistic endeavors put on hold. "D" left me a comment I try to remember often -"don't ever put a dream on hold."
You are a faithful man; you will no when something's too much.
My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Enjoy tomorrow evening. Your "fans" are pulling for you. We can hardly wait to see the results! :)

Anonymous said...

short and sweet- I wish you well on your newest endeavor and you are in my prayers.

Val said...

Good luck! And have fun with it.

Will be waiting for an update on how it went!

juliana said...

you are a talented photographer and i'm convinced you'll do well at the wedding. you'll be in my thoughts.

perhaps the wedding will enable you to see things clearer... but don't give up your dream!

quilly said...

Reflection is good. Prayerful reflection is better. May God bless you and put his hand upon you so both your heart and head turn in the direction he would have you follow.

Christy said...

I just sent the email with details of how I made the Venice picture :)

annette said...

Oh dear, i hope it didn't sound like i wasn't wishing you luck, cause i am. What i meant was you are so talented and such a loving father and husband with a tight knit family, that it will all work out right, - trust your heart, thinking of you as i to undertake a new teaching adventure in about 2 hours time!! :0) annette

Bunny Trails said...

I know what you mean about children. God teaches us SO much through parenting. Things we'd never have imagined. I can't believe how many times I'm saying something to my boys (14 & 13) and as I do, it's as if God's speaking the exact same thing to me from behind. I think I had to have kids so I could gain some maturity in my walk with Him.

I hope that all went well at the wedding today. I'm sure you'll have a full report up soon.

I'll be praying about your priorities and decisions - as I must do the same for myself. It's far too easy for me to get spread thin and not leave enough for my kids.

Have a blessed weekend!

DeLi said...

oh wow, thsi resounds to me as i am also "lloking ahead". good luck Robert....

Anonymous said...

Hi Bro~
Hope the wedding went well. Reading your blog, I can understand your concerns and admire you for your self-examination and discussing it so openly on your blog. Raven said what I was thinking, too. You are a good husband and father and will continue to grow and be challenged along this path, and your willingness to be open and pray will lead you in the right direction. I do think you have a gift, and God gave you that gift. Honoring it can be another way of honoring Him. God doesn't always give us what is easy. The key is to find the balance, not discard it completely. Maybe God is helping you with balance, not with an "all or nothing" choice. As a parent, you are an example for Lily by showing her how to follow a path and achieving goals. Children need that to find their own footing, and goodness knows that is one of the ways that a good parents leads the way...

And no small "coincidence" I was just thinking this afternoon of rewatching that Bill Moyers/Joseph Campbell series that Raven spoke of. I happen to have taped it, and yes, I still have it. Hmm, interesting, isn't it?


Erin Faye said...

Change is a good thing, and it sounds like you have amazing opportunities ahead.

Good luck with the wedding and I can't wait to see the pictures!!