Monday, May 19, 2008

S is for Strawberry Shortcake

Quite a few of these ABC posts have revolved around food or drink and today is no exception. This is what we had following last night's dinner. So I'm getting up early to ride my bike! Today's pictures take you from the whole berry, moving in closer, then to sliced berries, then the final product! And yes, it was delicious!

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Melli said...

Oh! Well now I am TRIPLE glad I did not use MY strawberry shortcake! Those are some gorgeous berries you got! And I'm quite certain it WAS good! Beautiful!

Dr.John said...

You do such great close up shots. Though I don't think I want to see a strawberry that close.
I still love the music.

Karly said...

I am about ready to jump through my computer screen. Those strawberries look so yummy!

Lol, we had this last night for dessert, too! Yum!

Great photos, Robert!

Carletta said...

Exceptional photos today!
Always well done Robert.
Now, there better be leftovers for you to share with us!!!

BTW - I love the new header - a father's path is long and winding.

Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

That 4th photo makes my mouth water. I think I'm going to have to bake some biscuits and have some strawberry shortcake tonight for dessert!

Mar said...

Simply deliciousssss!!
such great shots for S, excellent job!

Lacey Lichi said...

MMMmmmm. I can taste it. I can smell it. That must mean that those are some darn good pictures! I was looking again at your pictures from yesterday and I love the second picture of the tail lights. It is mysterious and intriguing. I love the brighter light in the top corner. Just perfect.
P.S. Does anyone else have trouble with these darn word verifications? Maybe I'm just too tired when I comment at night- but DARN IT! they trick me every time!!

Minkydo said...

Yummy! Great pictures.

Shelly said...

What incredible berry shots....I've been craving dessert all evening, now the cravings are in overdrive!

Dillo said...

Great stuff. Even Hailey's mom says yer darn good! Likin the new Header pic!
Catch up w/you soon!

juliana said...

great stuff!
i was actually considering doing strawberries but am glad i didn't.
and they look so yummy, too :)

quilly said...

How did I miss this the other day? I am so glad I am not hungry right now. These strawberries look luscious!