Monday, May 5, 2008

Money Saving Monday

I so rarely participate in something outside of a photo challenge, but here I am to support Karly. She is hosting her first Money Saving Monday.

Her prompt for her inaugural post is:

What do you do to cut your grocery/personal items/household items costs?

If you choose to participate, please be sure to go to Karly's site and read her ideas and post a link to your site.

Julianne and I have just a few ideas to contribute. As does some of Karly's, our ideas stem from trying to avoid impulse buys. So our contributions are:
  1. Don't go grocery shopping hungry. Go AFTER you eat. It's amazing how much more full a cart can get when you are hungry.
  2. Always make a list. Browsing the aisles without a list can be dangerous on the budget.

Hope those tips are helpful.


Karly said...

Great tips! These are so true! :)

Thank you for participating, Robert! :)

Carmi said...

Thanks for sharing these, Robert. A couple of related observations:

1 - Don't take the kids, as they can drive up the rate of impulse buys.
2 - Use a template to build the grocery list. I periodically walk the aisles of our local stores. I build a template that mimics the layout of the store, then I fill in the items in each row. It prevents hunting and ensures that what I need is what I get...and no more.

Minkydo said...

You are so right shopping while hungry is a very bad deal. I usually end up with stuff I don't even like :)