Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Who'da Thunk?

Something fun I found.

blog readability test

Now I feel like I need to find harder words to use.

Ummm, I mean, Currently I sense a requisite to unearth more complex vocabulary in which to utilize.


Karly said...

Um. Mine didn't make it past high school. Sad.

Maybe it's because I have been around the short set for 4 1/2 years nonstop. Yeah, that's it.

OhCaptain said...

Go figure, mine got a Genius. Probably the post I wrote about Duken Nukem Forever.

Try it again in a week.

Melissa said...


Well my G-rated family-orientated blog rated 'Genius' too!! To say I was surprised would be an understatement...but then I thought "Cool, I can live with this tag!!" Haha :D

Thanks for the fun!

Melissa said...

AHAHAHA...I just checked out my slightly deeper, more thought provoking writing blog...and got high school level!!!

Then I got to thinking...when I don't try it reads at a genius level...and when I do try to exhibit my genius...I rate high school level!!! Hehehe :D

Well better some reading to do. *screws up face in deep thought* Now where did I put that dictionary ;)

Val said...

OH MY GOD! Mine scored Elementary School Level! That is the worse....I told you kids bring you they are making me stupid.
But what ya'll don't now is that I do it on make it accessible to everyone.
(who am I kidding...that's not true...but it sounds good, huh)

Dillo said...

Dude, like, mine rates at high school level, fer sure I said. Dude, that is one rightous tool for sure for sure.

Bunny Trails said...

I don't remember what my result was, but your response is hysterical! :D Ever so verbose.