Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Answer to Preventing Crime?

Have you noticed? The BIG story locally: STORM WATCH 2008. Yes, it's raining here in Southern California. It is all that seemed to happen here locally yesterday. News report after news report depicted some poor soul in a raincoat and an umbrella standing near a puddle, each one stating details of water falling from the sky. Observing story after story I noticed a difference in the day's newscasts and I began to wonder...hadn't there been anyone murdered? no drive by shootings? convenience store robberies? high speed police chases? nothing???

Then I wondered some more: Maybe the rain was unifying. Maybe everyone puts down their burdens and comes together in peace and harmony due to the rain. Maybe the Native Americans were on to something with their rain dances. Perhaps they were used for more than desiring rain for their crops. Maybe something as simple as rain is all we need to put an end to crime.

But then I became skeptical. Maybe it's just easier to set up a camera on the corner outside the news station than it is to drive to all the murders, shootings, and robberies while it's raining. And if that's not cynical enough, just watch how people drive. Rain seems to make no difference in the number of idiot drivers out there.


Karly said...

Hahaha, rain is big news here too. Time stands still when it rains here. I anticipate the same kind of news stories this weekend.

Thanks for stopping by! Your sweet daughters is, well, sweet!

Dillo said...

You may be onto something here! Funny! Time to apply for a government grant to study the issue! But, of course, which would you rather do-rob a convenience store or go cross-country skiing?