Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lily's Big Day

On Sunday we had Lily's dedication service and her 1st birthday party. It was such a wonderful day. She is adjusting so well and seems to love all the attention. She is doing much better going to other people now. I'm going to make up for having two picture-less posts in a row. I can take no credit for the following pictures. Denise (my former student) was our official photographer for the day and she did an amazing job. She really has a good eye and composed her shots nicely.

Below is the video from Lily's dedication service. (Thanks Kevin!)

Enjoy the pictures.
Walking in her birthday dress (one of them)

Lily and me

Mommy and Lily

Carina and a happy birthday girl

Deborah, Charlie, and Ellen having fun

Rania, Yousef, and Ahmed

Denise, with an extended arm took this one of us. (She hated her hair in this one)

Jim and Laura taking a break from all the excitement

Julianne made Lily the cutest cake.
What would be more fitting for our Lilybug than a Ladybug cake?

Lily's first taste of cake. She LOVED it!

Our beautiful, messy girl

Getting a thorough cleaning after her cake

All clean and ready for another new outfit


Grafted Branch @ Restoring the Years said...

I'm ROFLOL at that red, red, red, icing all over that sweet baby!

Tell Mom she did a nice job keeping her composure, 'cause cleaning up a baby--during a party--always looks more fun in the pictures than it was in person.

At least that's my reality. Not proud about it; just truthful.

Happy birthday blessings to you all!

Mel said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILY!! (I'm a bit late I know)
Anyway it looks like you all had a wonderful day of celebrations...and I just loved Lily's expressions!! The cake was very cute (well done Julianne)...and glad to see that Lily cleaned up ok afterwards!

Keep up the good work guys...and thanks for sharing the photos :)