Monday, July 9, 2007

She's Perfect

I can't believe she's here. Today was such a whirlwind. Even an hour before we got her, it didn't seem real yet. There we were loading the bus, passports and baby toys in hand, on our way to change our lives forever. Our group of 42 families in Beijing went different directions this morning, each to the province of their waiting child. We were now ten families, all arriving at the Civil Affairs office of Adoption here in Jiangxi. Twenty six floors up, in a muggy, unairconditioned room we gathered. People were everywhere. Babies were crying. Within minutes of our arrival, they were rolling off the names of the babies. It seemed like seconds before they called us, family number eight. Three years of waiting and now they were calling us. They placed our beautiful baby girl in the arms of my wife while I handed the officials our passports for verification. In an instant, the agony of the wait was relieved. She is now sleeping like an angel ten feet away from me while I write this in our hotel room. Amazing. And she is perfect. Runny nose, heat rash, and all...just perfect. Within several hours I got what I had been longing for-seeing my daughter smile. And hearing her laugh. My heart melted. Again. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Lily Grace just moments after we got her.

Mommy and Lily

Daddy and Lily

Our first family photo

What I've longed to see


mamas*little*treasures said...

Mommy and Daddy - She IS perfect! And gorgeous and precious . . . . . your prayers have been answered and the longings of your heart have been filled by our Heavenly Father. I know, because my husband and I have traveled that journey twice . . . . in fact, I only have a few minutes, because I have to go pick up my girls from Bible school in a bit! but wanted to say congratulations, and if you have a minute, take a peek at my blog and see our beautiful girls. Gracie is from Shaanxi Province (we traveled to Xian in '03), and Annie is from Jiangxi Province (we traveled to Nanchang in '05) . . . . anyway, I'll check back later to see how things are going. Would love to communicate about our girls! Nina

Mel said...

Wooohooo!! Congratulations Julianne and Robert...she really is perfect!
So glad to hear that all is going well so far (except for your lost luggage), and will continue to keep you in prayers. Enjoy each moment!

Oh and I love the photo of Lily Grace beautiful.

God Bless!!